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Our Faculty

Engineering is all about supplying the essential needs of humanity by utilizing available resources and technology. The art of engineering uses scientific and mathematical principles to offer useful services. Another definition of engineering is “the profession of transforming the theoretical knowledge of science into guidelines people can implement”. The definition makes it clear: wherever there is civilization, we have engineering. The Faculty of Engineering at Hasan Kalyoncu University  aims to train socially beneficent engineers who are devoted to both scientific and moral values.

The departments in the Faculty of Engineering are Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

An undergraduate degree in any department takes four years to complete excluding the Preparatory School.

Our Aim

We aim to distinguish ourselves as a modern, prestigious and dignified university that develops and implements effective education and training methods, produces useful knowledge both for the country and for humanity at large, and remains at the forefront of scientific and technological developments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate modern engineers who are;

               - devoted to science

               - respectful of moral values and traditions

               - responsive to the problems of the country and the world

               - able to contribute to national and international projects

               - willing to promote cooperation between universities and industry

               - able to think critically and  analytically


Why Choose Us?

A qualified engineer is supposed to follow the latest technological developments, offer lasting solutions, think analytically, and continually update their knowledge and experience in step with world developments. As the Faculty of Engineering, our primary goal is to empower our students to keep pace with technological developments and the globalizing world.

Research, development, design, construction, production, operations, and management are major activities in all engineering departments. The instructional plans of the Faculty of Engineering are designed with these activities in mind. All instructional plans and programs are also designed to meet the demands of the public and private sectors for qualified technical staff.

      Departments Score Type Minimum Placement Score Maximum Placement Score Maximum Succes Rate Minimum Succes Rate
   Faculty and Departments           Foreign Students Goverment Scholarship
Faculty of Engineering Quota Full Scholarship %50 Scholarship %25 Scholarship No Scholarship Full Scholarship No Scholarship Full Scholarship