Hasan Kalyoncu University

One of the oldest inhabited cities of the world with a history of close to 6,000 years, Gaziantep has hosted Hasan Kalyoncu University (formally known as Gazikent University) as its first foundation university.  Interestingly, Gaziantep is the only city in Eastern or Southeastern Turkey that has three universities.  Its fundamental objective is to educate men and women for tomorrow who share universal cultural values, believe in freedom of expression, have a global vision, and possess the highest standards of integrity and morality.

A New Center of Learning in a Middle Eastern Knowledge Based Society

Our university is convinced that the Turkish language should continue to play a vital role in all spheres of higher education.  However, in order to interact with international scholarship, we have decided that both Turkish and English should be used as mediums of instruction in varying degrees.

We aspire to be the leading tertiary learning center of the Middle East.  With an outstanding English medium education in place, we want to be the center of gravity for students of non-Turkish speaking backgrounds, particularly those from the Middle East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Africa and the Balkans.  We believe that Hasan Kalyoncu University is soon to become the preferred site of higher education for international students of the region.