The Synergy of the Youth


Student Clubs

Universities, beside being organisations founded upon scientific development, represent the contemporary and forward thinking face of society in the importance given to cultural development.

Whilst students tend to the various requirements of their classes, they also naturally set aside time for social, cultural and sporting activities.  This reality has led to a variety of Student Clubs with a professional, social, cultural or sporting focus being established.  Such clubs have enabled students to be involved with others in an area of interest beyond their respective courses.  Students are able to establish their own club or become an active member of an already existing one.
Alongside organising discussions, seminars, conferences and congresses which fit well with the mission and vision of the university, Student Clubs have also contributed to social and cultural activities like trips, parties, sports games, tournaments and concerts.
Some of the Student Clubs that have been successfully established by students include; The Science and Technology Club, The Dance Community, The Music Club, The Cinema Club, The Drama Community and The Sports Club.