7. International Conference

7. International Conference

7. International Conference www.kerpic.org/2019 will take place at Köyceğiz, Muğla/Turkey, will follow the www.kerpic.org/2005 “Living in Earthen cities” at Istanbul Technical University; www.kerpic.org/2008 “Learning from earthen architecture in climate change” at Cyprus International University, TRNC; www.kerpic.org/2013 “New Generation Earthen Architecture: Learning from Heritage” Istanbul Aydin University, www.kerpic.org/2015 “Built Environment on Silk road” Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul; www.kerpic.org/2016 “Cultural landscape, rebuilding after decay”, Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul; www.kerpic.org/2018 “Back to earthen architecture: industrialized, injected, rammed, stabilized”, Hasan Kalyoncu University, Gaziantep.

Over thirty years, Kerpiç–network is carrying researches on durability, seismic response and production techniques on earthen construction material. Durability researches are based on gypsum & lime stabilization of earth, called “alker”; seismic response researches are based on horizontal energy dissipating surfaces in the load bearing walls and production techniques are based on shotcrete and compacting production of earthen walls. www.kerpic.org, info@kerpic.org We are pleased to announce the Call for the 7. international conference on kerpiç’19 “Earthen Heritage, New Technology, Management” and the workshop on production: 5,6,7 September 2019 Organized by Kerpic Akademi and Kerpic Network.

The conference scope will focus on using earth for housing, “Earthen Heritage, New Technology, Management”, The study will range from the graduate programs, together with the academics and professionals to exchange results and experience. It will be an opportunity to understand the strategy and the advances how to use the contemporary construction technology, using earth-based material.


More Details: http://www.kerpic.org/2019

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