Campus Facilities

Green and Smart Campus

Our campus is located on a great piece of land with a spacious landscape. In addition to the faculty and departmental buildings, our campus includes cafeterias, accommodation blocks, sports facilities and a medical center for students.

The campus also offers wireless internet, which enables students to participate in classes through webcasts.


Our dormitories, accommodating 304 students, are available from the 2012-2013 Academic Year. In our dormitories students have 24/7 access to hot and cold water, breakfast and dinner, beauty parlours, internet cafes, laundry rooms, reading rooms, canteens, lounges and fitness centres.


In addition to print materials, the library has a rich collection of e-databases, e-books, e-magazines and multimedia resources. These reliable educational sources can be accessed 24/7 from our webpage.

Spor Facilities

HKU is currently making significant investments in its sports facilities. Staff and students are able to benefit from a range of on-site sporting opportunities, both in their spare time and through organised activities. Participation is encouraged as a valuable contribution to our physical health and mental well being.

Our campus currently possesses a synthetic football pitch, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, and table tennis facilities. Further planned developments include a sports hall, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, and paths for jogging and walking. Upon completion, the proposed gym will feature step and aerobics classes, gymnastics, squash, an artificial climbing wall, personal gym, cafeteria, shops, and massage and sauna rooms.

It is also envisaged that sports development courses, in all the above facilities, will be held for both staff and students. Everything considered, HKU is building an impressive infrastructure for students to take advantage of.

Student Clubs

Universities, beside being organisations founded upon scientific development, represent the contemporary and forward thinking face of society in the importance given to cultural development.

Whilst students tend to the various requirements of their classes, they also naturally set aside time for social, cultural and sporting activities. This reality has led to a variety of Student Clubs with a professional, social, cultural or sporting focus being established. Such clubs have enabled students to be involved with others in an area of interest beyond their respective courses. Students are able to establish their own club or become an active member of an already existing one.

Alongside organising discussions, seminars, conferences and congresses which fit well with the mission and vision of the university, Student Clubs have also contributed to social and cultural activities like trips, parties, sports games, tournaments and concerts.

Some of the Student Clubs that have been successfully established by students include; The Science and Technology Club, The Dance Community, The Music Club, The Cinema Club, The Drama Community and The Sports Club.

Golf Club

Tel: 0342 211 80 40
Tel: 0342 211 80 80 – 1226

Spring Festivals

The following activities are organized each year to contribute to the personal development of our students:

  • Field hockey
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Music concerts
  • Motorbike Show
  • Ladies Football Team
  • Ebru Art Applications
  • Sport Activities
  • Drama

Seminars for Personal Development

Education and training must not only between the four walls in the knowledge that we organize many events throughout the year.

? Europass Seminar
Abdullah OZDEMİR

? Court of Love in Literature
Murat Kaan UYANIK

? The Adventure of an Academic
Prof. Dr. Mehmet KARPUZCU

? Civilization That Gives Direction to West Seminar
Prof. Dr. Bekir KARLIĞA

? Effective Use of Brain Power

? Two-Legged Robot Modeling
Asst. Prof. Başak YUKSEL

Superfluous Speeches from Superfluous Man

? Urban Transformation

? Effective Use of Time
School of Foreign Languages

? Youth Look

? Conference of Hüseyin HATEMİ “Superiority of Law”
? Conference of Fatih AKBABA “Communication”
? Humor Flavor Education Conference
Riccon Ilhan DOĞAN

? English Debating Competition
School of Foreign Languages

The Source of Knowledge

The Library

In addition to print materials, the library has a rich collection of e-databases, e-books, e-magazines and multimedia resources. These reliable educational sources can be accessed 24/7 from our webpage.