Successful Academicians Were Awarded

Successful Academicians Were Awarded

Hasan Kalyoncu University aiming to increase the quality of education in the region and in the country has organized a “Reward Ceremony” for the academicians, who contributed to science and technology with their researches and international publications.

Gaziantep Protocol Members, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Members of theBoard of Trustees of HKU, the Rector of HKU, the academic staff and the students have participated in the Reward Ceremony held in HKU Congress and Culture Centre.

The Reward Ceremony has started with the moment of silence and Turkish Independence March. It has continued with the piano concert.

“Only by Producing Publications, Projects and Patents, Can It Be an Innovator and an Entrepreneur”

The Rector of HKU, Prof. Dr. Tamer Yılmaz stated in his keynote speech that ” the number of the universities in the country have reached two hundred, so the survival of the universities withouta pro-active approach is not possible either for a short or a long term. Therefore, HKU has to be an innovator and an entrepreneur university not only by producing publications, projects and patents but also by commercializing these facilities. In short, students and academicians should found companies and universities should create the appropriate ecosystem for them. In 2015,HKU has made a notable attack to become visible and have higher positions in the indexes of URAP (METU), TUBITAK, WEBOMETRICS. In 2015, HKUhas increased the number of publications  to % 0,45. Moreover, 11 projects , 6 of which by TUBITAK  are accepted. Also, 23 patent applications have been made. Today, I sincerely express my gratitude to the academicians, who contributed to the university-industry-cooperation and helped to announce the reputation of the University with their publications and projects.”

“Talent Should Be Complemented”

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, CemalKalyoncu, who made his speech after the Rector Prof. Dr . Tamer Yılmaz claimed that; ” As HasanKalyoncu University,  we strive to be among the most notable universities in our region, country and then in international area by the help of our hard-working academicians and with their studies. Knowing that the “talent should be complemented”, today, we reward our scientists and for the first time the students  for their precious efforts. I believe that HKU will be a leading science-centre in national and international area by producing more publications, projects and patents.”

At the end of the ceremony three of the academicians, who have written the most indexed articles, have taken the plaques.Fifteen academicians have been given certificates. Twelve of the academicians, who applied for patent also have taken their certificates. Certificates of twenty-five academicians and students, who applied to projects, have been given. Sevenacademicians, whose projects applications have been accepted, have taken their plaques. Furthermore, nine students, who have established their companies in business incubator, have taken their certificates. Also nine instructors, whose academic titles have moved to a higher rank, have received their certificates. The director of the company of “bitter NOA”, which has been established in business incubator in 2014, hasreceived a certificate. “The Academic Reward Ceremony” has come to an end with photo-shoot.