24 HKU Academicians at Erdem College Career Days

24 HKU Academicians at Erdem College Career Days

To support the choices and career preferences of students, Rector Prof. Tamer Yılmaz and 24 academicians attended to ‘Career Days’ at Erdem College

Career days traditionally organized by HKU; HKU Rector Prof. Tamer Yılmaz and 24 academicians, including one from each department, participated. The HKU academicians who meet with university candidates at Erdem College to provide support and to help them make the right decisions about their future told the students what they should pay attention to in their career choices.


During the Career Days, the HKU Rector Dr. Tamer Yilmaz; “The Youth of Erdem; we’re having a career meeting. You need to pay attention to certain criteria. First of all you need to know your character very well. Here the school counselors will benefit you. But first you have to take a look at yourself. You have to know which career you will be happy with on your career plan. People are constantly focusing on some stereotypical professions. Yes, those are important, but do you really want these professions? Think about it first, decide later. If you choose a profession, it is important that your profession is more of a fit with yourself. My biggest recommendation is that before you choose good university you have to make a decision about the profession” he said.


Yilmaz said that universities have three main functions and that they must be examined thoroughly. “The first of the three main functions of the university is that it should provide a good education, which is achieved by most universities. However most of the universities do not pay attention to other functions. The others are that a university needs to be researcher and innovative, and that it should be aware of the responsibility to raise a generation well. Besides there are sayings in our society like; You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and so on. We, on the contrary, want you to do that. We want our students to be researchers, inquisitors, and want them to invent and produce. That is why, Hasan Kalyoncu University is an innovative and entrepreneurial university. In addition, HKU is a proactive university. What does proactive mean? Proactive means; when you decide to do something, you have to act it in advance”.

Erdem College Manager Mehmet Örfi Sonmez said, “We are making a lot of efforts for the future of our students. Career days are one of the most comprehensive of these activities. Our students have individual curiosity and interest in each department and find opportunity to ask about them in person. Due to the support and contribution to this activity, I would like to thank Hasan Kalyoncu University and Rector Prof.Tamer Yılmaz “.

The program, which was met with intense interest by the students of Erdem College, provided students with the opportunity to ask all the questions they wondered about academicians. Rector Yilmaz chatted with the students one-to-one.