Versatile Education Congress for The Gifted

Versatile Education Congress for The Gifted

Hasan Kalyoncu University(HKU) The Gifted research and application Center held the “Congress of the gifted individuals and education (UYEK)” wit y the theme of creativeness, innovativeness and entrepreneurism. 

A number of academicians, education specialists making their names in national and international arena, school principals, teachers from every branch, undergraduate and postgraduate students participated in the program lasting for two days and held at HKU Congress and Culture Center.


HKU rector, Prof. Dr. Tamer Yilmaz making the opening speech at the program said that: “Faculty of education is of special importance for the universities. If you want to be integrated with the society, your faculties of education should do very good works. We have one of the best faculties of education of Turkey. We exceed the standard education and progress proactively, innovatively and enterprisingly. We need the educators most. I would like to emphasize importantly and I am addressing to all of our educators. Please don’t linger on the curriculum. We need people thinking differently and educators thinking differently at the most. Now the age is  knowledge age. While seeing the turbulence of knowledge and accessing it easy, understanding and catching it is difficult. Let’s get involved in this challenge. Please seize the spirit of time and spread your wings towards turbulence of knowledge without fearing failure!”


President of congress regulatory board, HKU vice-chancellor and academician at the department of psychological counseling and guidance, Prof. Dr. Yasar Ozbay expressed that creativity and curiosity being the one of the sharpest characteristics of children became limited by patterns created by the social environment in time. Ozbay, saying that especially the gifted children were the guarantee of our future, country and even the humanity, spoke as follows: “Protecting, guiding all children and supporting their development is a vital responsibility for the adults and educators. Let the children make their own decisions, create their own opinions and take risk by implementing these opinions. Everyone should shoulder the responsibility for it” and also said that everyone could do something.

The event that academician of HKU department of special education Dr. Nilay Kayhan hosted and it continued with the piano show of the gifted children following the opening speeches. At the program that gifted children and education was addressed in every aspect, Prof. Dr. Aysegul Ataman gave the lecture named “Neurobiological basis of superior intelligence”, Prof. Dr. Ugur Sak gave the lecture of “ASIS: The first national intelligence scale of Turkey”, Prof. Dr. Nilgun Metin gave the lecture of “Need of early-intervention of the gifted children”, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Halil Diken gave the lecture of “Autistic Savant Syndrome” and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serap Emir gave the lecture named “Role of program differentiation in the education of the gifted children”. Prof. Dr. David Yun DAİ brought international perspective to the subject with the speech named  “Hierarchy vs. Network: Envisioning A New Era of GiftedEducation”, and Prof. Dr. Seokhee CHO with “STEM Creativity: The Dynamic System” and Prof. Dr. Nurdan KALAYCI with the speech of “creative thinking and Innovation”.


115 verbal notices and 46 poster notices about the subject were presented and also workshops were carried out. Prof. Dr. Ali Yildirim executed practices with the theme of “Qualitative Research Methods” and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saniye Bencik Kangal executed practices with the theme of “Does a cardboard box support the development?”

In the end of Congress of the gifted individuals and education that the subject was addressed in detail and with satisfying scientific content, plaques and certificate of participation were presented to all speakers. The program lasting for two days ended with collective photo.