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By The Language of Yunus Concert

Yunus is the soul of Anatolia, Yunus is the conscience of Anatolia, Yunus is the language of Anatolia, the cornerstone of Turkish… And Yunus is the light for the humanity spreading from Anatolia to the universe, a lover of the Almighty hugging all the humanity with love and unity and without discrimination   Under the auspices […]

Application List for Abroad English Education Program

Dear Students, The list of students who applied for “Study in England and USA” program financed by Hasan Kalyoncu University Rectorate is as below. We wish you all success. Tablonun tamamı için sola kaydırınız 2 Terms Avarage Student No Name Surname PERMANENT 1 90,18 181502012 SUAT GÜRBÜZ 2 89,90 181703012 AYLİN AKASLAN 3 89,20 181503011 MUHAMMED […]

2018-2019 Student lists and Information Related to Proficiency Exam

Student lists and information related to Proficiency Exam are stated below. The students whose names and surnames are not listed below should get in touch with the secretary of School of Foreign Languages. Click here for contact. SFL 101 1 181803037 ALİCAN ÖZTÜRK 2 181803046 ASLI ULUSOY 3 181803012 AYBÜKE TAMER 4 181803026 AYSEL NİSA […]

About 2018 – 2019 Fall Semester Course Selection

Dear Students, All students, except for preparatory class students, will make their course selection for 2018 – 2019 Academic Year Fall Semester on the internet between 19-21 September 2018. The course selection process will be activated on Wednesday, 19 September 2018 at 10:00 am.

2018-2019 Education-Training Year International Student Announcement

Below are the required documents for the admission of international students to Undergraduate Programs in accordance with “The Regulations for the Admission of International Students to Undergraduate and Graduate Programs” for the Fall Semester, Academic Year 2018 – 2019, and quotas of the programs. DEPARTMENT QUOTAS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS FOR FALL SEMESTER, ACADEMIC YEAR 2017– […]

Pearson Assured Certificate Application

Students who successfully completed HKU School of Foreign Languages Preparatory Program in the 2017-2018 academic year were entitled to receive the Pearson Assured Certificate. Students who would like to get the Pearson Assured document need to submit their name to the School of Foreign Languages personally or by the following communication channels as of today […]


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A Haber "Eğitim Özel" programı konuğu @hkunv Siyaset Bilimi ve Uluslararası İlişkiler Bölümü Öğretim Üyesi @dr_murat_aslan, üniversite tercihinde dikkat edilmesi gerekenleri anlatıyor.

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